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Beyond Meat – #1 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

Beyond Meat

Brand mission: Beyond Meat Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes founded in 2009. create The Future of Protein® by offering mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: More successful than previous meat replacement options. Record breaking high stock valuations & recent collaborations with the best social media marketers on the planet, fast food restaurants, continue to keep driving awareness of the brand. They just launched a new burger collaboration with Denny’s this week. 

Why will it do well on amazon: AmazonFresh announced this week that they are offering Prime Members free 1 hour delivery of their groceries.

Additionally, Amazon manages their own meal kit business and increasing their AmazonGo store concept rollout with many “grab and go” meals. Beyond Meat could not only drive sales of their patties and other items, they could collaborate with Amazon to be their meat alternative partner.

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KNC Beauty – #2 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

KNC Beauty

Brand mission: KNC Beauty specializes in all-natural lip masks and eye masks for the perfect natural beauty. 

Items they sell: Collagen-infused lip masks, reinol infused eye masks, lip balm.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: First of its kind in terms of natural lip masks. Brings out organic beauty without determinantal chemicals. Hot on IG with celebrities and publications.

Why will it do well on amazon: Amazon strengthens its No. 5 spot gaining 100 bps share to 5%—this compares to No. 17 in Fall 2018. Not to mention, Brand loyalty with beauty products is high, so is the push for all-natural, un-intrusive products. Getting people exposed and hooked on the selective collection of KNC Beauty would drive long-term sales without excessive maintenance costs.

Good-for-you and natural brands dominate the best sellers on skincare/beauty for female teens 2019 including similar products such as Aveeno and Burts Bees. 89% of female teens use online influencers as a source of discovery for beauty brands and trends, and KNC Beauty already has a hot IG presence.

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Champion – #4 Most Amazon-able Brands @ ComplexCon


Brand mission: American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. 

Market insight as to why the product is hot: People are trending toward athletic wear more in daily life. Retro/90s style is on the rise.

In addition to having the athleisure & streetwear push into fashion, workwear and many other segments, Champion is HOTT. 

Champion seemingly resurrected from nowhere. Let alone the last decade of dormancy, even within the last 2 quarters where Champion moved from #17 to #10 in apparel preference. That is crazy. Where were they in 2010? Were they even ranked? Who is the Creative Director driving this growth? So many questions…

Why will it do well on amazon: Amazon’s search queries are simply a matter of what everyone on the planet is searching for. When a brand like Champion is on a tear like they are right now, I would love to get our team’s hands on their Amazon business. Guaranteed they are missing >25% of their branded search by not actively managing their brand as an Amazon Marketplace Seller.  

Any brand with this level of HOTT, can always find ways to optimize.

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Def Jam Recordings – #5 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

Def Jam Recordings (DJR)

Brand mission: American record label owned by Universal Music. Active since 1984, they are still actively recruiting up and coming artist and making them into international stars.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: Household name specializing in hip hop, pop, and urban music, all of which are exploding in popularity. Impressive catalog of artists spans multiple generations of musical preferences.

Why will it do well on amazon: Has some of the most influential people in the world signed (Rhianna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber). These people all have active social media and an enormous influence on shopper preferences (Kanye West’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner was #2 in most influential fashion icon for teen shoppers in 2019). 

These artists and other trademarks owned by DJR are some of the most searched for keywords on Amazon’s site. Not only does the record label have a seemingly endless number of novelty items they can create with those trademarks, as Prime Music and Video become increasingly relevant, artists can follow in Rihanna’s footsteps to do more media takeovers with products they endorse/own.

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Backwoods – #6 most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon


Brand mission: Earnest cigar company that celebrates tried-and-true cigars will all-natural leaf wrapping.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: Backwoods and marijuana are synonymous in many circles. The Hip-hop community (Drake’s song, Too Much), continues to show the brand love in songs, on IG posts and in their daily smoking habits. 

Someone go tell Noel to get the Backwoods

Why will it do well on amazon: This amount or organic, awareness-driving media is at the same time free & invaluable; this will drive searches on Amazon. If a habitual smoker can buy their wraps without getting off the couch, I think that is a homerun Amazon opportunity. It has to be why the internet exists, right?

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Zen – #7 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon


Brand mission: Innovative sneaker and clothing company seeking to represent the evolution of e-commerce for sneaker and streetwear culture.

Market insight as to why the product is hot: Their 29 brand shoe collection carries a variety of hot brands, from more established names like adidas, reebok and Timberland to more up-and-coming brands like SURF IS DEAD and I Love Ugly. 

Why will it do well on amazon: Their focus on e-commerce and exclusive products makes them a good fit for the way people shop on Amazon. They have a decent social media presence (265k on IG) which would help them overcome “the cold start problem”. 

More to come on what “the cold start problem” is on Amazon; in short, brands must invest upfront in driving traffic with most of the payoff happening months after initially launching the product. It has to do with how Amazon’s search engine “A9” works. 

As a platform for listing products, Amazon has structured their search engine to Earn Trust with their shoppers. For that reason, A9 prioritizes products with more established sales history and positive ratings/reviews. Remember 70% of shoppers never leave the 1st page…

Zen’s product offerings are rare & unique and the brands invest in driving awareness online. I know for a fact Prime Members would prefer to get their Murakami drop in 1 day and with the global logistics of Amazon, they can reach more HypeBeasts everywhere. 

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Simple Mobile – #8 Most Amazon-able Brand @ ComplexCon

Simple Mobile

Brand mission: In the increasingly expensive and confusing world of mobile carriers Simple Mobile offers affordable alternative mobile plan options and phone buying services. 

Market insight as to why the product is hot: Phones will continue to be a necessity, however pricing on the newest models and the susceptibility of breaking is driving renewed interest in refurbished / older model phones. While consolidation in the mobile market leaves lower-income shoppers with little options for good mobile service, Simple Mobile has a very simple value proposition and I am sure quite interesting unit economics (wish I was an investor!). 

Why will it do well on amazon: People already are active on amazon for phones and phone accessories and it is a natural step for them to extend that to the carrier service itself. I foresee an interesting conversation with Amazon’s team about offering an option to sell the Simple Mobile’s wireless plans through the site, as well. The Fire Phone was a huge flop, but this offer of value to Prime Members makes perfect sense to me.